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Updated: Jan 19

Some of the most common feedback I get about the novelty shaped crayons is that as well as using them to colour, children love to play with the crayons as little figures.

So I thought It would be a good a idea to make up some games that double up as learning activities.

For this game I'm using our Animal Finger Crayons

I LOVE these guys! They are brightly coloured, can be used by gipping them or by placing them over your finger. They also feature friendly and recognisable animal faces.

They are perfect for stacking and I thought this would make the perfect game.

I you don't have these guys at home you could substitute with some Lego blocks or any other stackable toy that feature the same colours (blue, green, yellow, red and pink).

I have have some PDF files at the end of this article that you can print and cut out showing different sequences of the crayons stacked and lined up. If you don't have a printer they can be viewed on a phone etc.

See how many sequences you can complete at home! I would love to see how your little ones get on with this game, feel free to tag me in any photos/videos you take.

Have fun x

P.S. you may notice the animal faces are missing from the cards, this is purely because when drawing the game it became painfully obvious that I am awful at drawing and including my version of the faces would only of caused nightmares!

Animal Game 2
Download PDF • 1.83MB
Animal Game 1
Download PDF • 1.77MB
Animal Game 3
Download PDF • 2.44MB
Animal Game 4
Download PDF • 1.77MB

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